Company Values

Seven values guide us as a company and as individuals. Our ability to enhance the success of our customers hinges on our dedication to these values.


Our integrity is demonstrated in our ethical conduct and in our respect for the values of our society.


The key to Scan Alert International's success is its unique blend of people and technology, and the application of these assets to customers' real-world business problems. Our employees are the source from which our ideas, actions and performance flow. The full potential of our people is best realized in an environment that breeds fairness, self-fulfilment, teamwork and dedication to excellence.

Customers and Alliances

Our relationship with each customer or Alliance partner is entered in the spirit of a long-term partnership and is predicated on making the customer's interests our interests.


Our never-ending quest for deliverable quality is based on our understanding of our customers' needs and our willingness and capability to fulfil those needs.


Our use of cutting edge technology allows Blanco y Negro to provide open, reliable, and scalable architecture that can handle the complete range of e-business and enterprise demands, without out this a business on has a partial solution.


Our attention to safety is based on our full-time commitment to injury-free work, individual self-worth and a consideration for the well being of others.


Our long-term profit growth is essential to our long-term existence. How our profits are derived, and the purposes for which they are used, are influenced by our values and our shareholders


ScanAlert International Pty Ltd.  PO Box 109 Pennant Hills NSW 1715  Australia.

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