Trust is something that is earned.
HACKER SAFE sites must earn it every day by passing the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test.

To ensure hackers can't steal your private information from the web sites where you shop, ScanAlert's technology acts like a "Super Hacker," conducting daily security scans of every known way for hackers to break-in. Only when we can certify a site is HACKER SAFE will you see the certification mark appear. We thoroughly audit every HACKER SAFE site every day using over 10,000 different security tests. These tests are based on hacker activity information collected every 15 minutes from hundreds of private and government sources worldwide.

When we find any holes that could allow hackers to steal your personal information, we notify the merchant with instructions on how to secure their site. As long as the merchant does so quickly, we certify the site as HACKER SAFE. ScanAlert controls the certification image; not the merchant.

Hacker Safe


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